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Oh how lucky the sloth is! Slower than any other animal on the planet they get to sleep up to 15-18 hours a day! Once awake, they spend their time hanging upside down in the trees of the tropical rain forest. Is the sloth your spirit animal? You're always relaxed and love spending time just hanging around with a big smile on your face.  You may see yourself as an irresistibly cute couch potato, much the same as a sloth but iIn reality others might see you as a sofa dwelling, pizza loving, tv addict. But hey, there's nothing wrong in living your best life now is there?

Our Top Ten Sloth Mugs

1. Be Happy 

For all sloth lovers out there this is the perfect mug with the message 'Be Happy!'  And if you're a yogi too this mug is sure to please.

2. Big Hugs    

Delightful sloth loving gift idea.  And the perfect gift for those in need of a hug... makes a great gift idea or a lovely gift to a mum or child who you're missing loads.  

3. Busy Doing Nothing 

Know someone dear who shares or embodies the characteristics of a sloth? This might be the perfect gift for them

4. Spirit Animal      

Do you feel you share the characteristics of the lovable sloth? Then this is the mug for you!

5. Don't Hurry Be Happy

For all sloth lovers this adorable mug is sure to make them super happy with it's flower power design

6. Good Vibes

For all sloth loving yogi's out there this 'Good Vibes' mug will make a super gift for yourself or a friend... Ommm

7. Hang In There   

For all sloth lovers out there who may need a dose of encouragement this is the perfect gift for you! 

8. Nope Not Today

Delightful sloth loving gift idea.  This mug is the perfect gift for those who put relaxation before anything else

  9. Relax I'll Do It Later

Delightful pen and ink print of a very relaxed looking sloth.  Perfect for those who love to hang about

No. 10 - Our Festive Favourite...

Merry Christmas Everything mug

Because in today's busy life we encourage you to take a leaf out of the sloth's tree and remember to slow right down over the festive season and take time to chill out and enjoy yourself! 

10 Fun Facts About Sloths

In a nutshell... here's 10 facts about the adorable and lethargic animal known as the Sloth... and also known for their cuteness!

They may be the World's slowest moving creature (this includes the tortoise!)  but they are great swimmers

Sloths only urinate and defecate once a week! This is due to their slow metabolism. And when they do it is a third of their body weight!

Much like the owl, sloths can turn their heads almost 360 degrees! So though they aren't great at defending themselves, they can at least see when danger is approaching

Born without cone cells in their eyes, needed to detect colours, they only see in black and white

Sloths spend an inordinate amount of time hanging upside down which includes giving birth this way!

Female sloths literally scream when they are ready to mate. The scream last around 2 seconds and the sex takes only 5 seconds

The Sloths’ digestive system is so slow, it takes around 30 days to digest one leaf

Sloths are so slow their fur collects algae making them grow mouldy in the colder months

They have an evolutionary history spanning 35 million years

The claws on the front feet are about 4 inches long, and can be used as a weapon when the sloth is cornered

Are you a big sloth fan? Let us know why you love this creature so much. And if you'd like to see a particular sloth design on a mug just get in touch and let us know! We're always open to new ideas, especially from you. 

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