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A Visit to the Deaf Cat Coffee Bar

The Deaf Cat Coffee Bar is a little gem located in the historic town of Rochester. Other than being famous for the second oldest Cathedral in the UK, Rochester is, of course, famous for a connection with Charles Dickens. Many of his famous novels include references to Rochester and the surrounding area. There are many historical buildings and landmarks to admire as you wander along the high street. And you'll spot many Dickensian names and references to the characters in his books. If you're anything like me you'll soon be on the lookout for a cosy coffee house to refuel.
And so it is a joy to discover the Deaf Cat Coffee Bar opposite the Cathedral.

I often think the success of a company depends quite a lot on the name. Especially if it's short and catchy or one we can relate to. The name 'Deaf Cat' caught my attention and then of course the word Coffee and I was drawn inside. I discovered the owner, Kevan Middleton, named the coffee bar after the highly favoured deaf cat who was often seen sitting by the side of Charles Dickens while he wrote. Open for 10 years and now well established the red brick building with panelled entrance door was originally a house. The late 17th Century Grade II listed building is a curious mix of contemporary style and rustic charm. Inside the original sash windows, which I love, let lots of natural light in and offer a lovely view of the Cathedral. And a display of quirky coffee pots, collected from around the World, add to the charm.

I like that everything is on show, including the nuts and bolts used for the wooden fixtures and fittings. And the hinges and brackets holding up the shelves for the quirky coffee pots. Some might say it's been fitted out on a budget but I think these features make this coffee bar unique and unpretentious. 

 There are a selection of teas and coffee on display, available to purchase, including the popular brand, Teapigs.

They boast excellent coffee with only the best coffee beans - Origin Speciality Coffee from Cornwall.

They use a Marzocco Linea Three Group Coffee Machine and a Mazza Super Joli Grinder both of which allow the barista complete control of the process to create the best espresso shots possible.

 My Flat White was perfect ♥.

A comprehensive list of coffees, including cappuccino, mocha, macchiato and piccolo are on offer. There is a good selection of hot paninis, teacakes and toasties. Muffins, cakes and Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream are available too, together with crisps and other snacks. Perfect for helping to keep young children satisfied.

The owner has created a welcoming and cosy space with big comfortable leather sofas by the sash window looking out to the Cathedral.   

Unfortunately it wasn't possible to go inside the Cathedral because of a Graduation awards ceremony.  Me thinks this is a good excuse to visit Rochester and the Deaf Cat some other day!


So if you're ever thinking of visiting the historic town of Rochester do be sure to drop by the Deaf Cat Coffee Bar. Costa is just around the corner but be sure to ignore and support a local coffee bar instead where the coffee is a great deal more enjoyable!  For opening times visit their website.